Ihor Pavlyuk. A Flight Over the Black Sea. £10
Dear friends and colleagues,

On behalf of the editorial board of the Ukrainian magazine of world
literature VSESVIT, may I draw your attention to the recently
published (London, "Waterloo Press", 2014) poetry book of the
Ukrainian poet Ihor Pavlyuk? Ihor is one of the most provoking
"philosophical" poets in the new Euro-Maidan Ukraine.

His "Flight Over the Black Sea" is a bright representation of the
contemporary Ukrainian identity which combines the elements of the
primitive powers from the old pagan times (Ihor is from Polissya, a
remote Ukrainian zone in the north) and the contemporary cognitive

Now, Ukraine due to the Russian media propaganda is like a simulacrum
on the world map but this book can help to understand the inner forms
of the Ukrainian self-representation in the poetry text.

More information about this book you can find here:

To order the book, please click:
Ihor Pavlyuk. A Flight Over the Black Sea. £10

I do believe that you will enjoy this Ukraine.

With all best wishes,
Dmytro Drozdovskyi, PhD,
managing editor-in-chief, Vsesvit magazine
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