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Ukrainian writer Ihor Pavlyuk. life and career
Ihor Pavlyuk
Ігор Павлюк
Photo of Ihor Pavlyuk.jpg
Photo of the Ukrainian writer Ihor Pavlyuk
Born January 1, 1967 (age 48)
UzhovaVolyn OblastUkraine
Occupation poetnovelistessayist
Nationality Ukrainian
Genre Ukrainian literature
Notable works Catching Gossamers (2011), A Flight over the Black Sea (2014).


Ihor Pavlyuk (sometimes spelled as Ihor Pawlyuk, Igor Pavlyk, Igor Pavluk; Ukrainian: І́гор Зино́війович Павлю́к, born 1 January 1967 in Uzhova, Ukrainian SSR) is a Ukrainian writer and research worker.

He is a Winner of a 2013 English PEN Award[1][2] and a Doctor of Social Communication.[3]


Life and career

Ihor Pavlyuk was born in the Volyn region on January 1, 1967. His mother died in ten days after giving birth to him. He was raised at home of his grandfather and grandmother on his mother’s side — migrants with Helm region.

He studied at the Saint Petersburg military engineering-technical university, which he left in order to pursue his career as a writer. He was, as a result, sentenced to a period of hard labour in the Taiga (Zabaykal'skiy region) but continued to write as best he could, driven by a nostalgia for his Ukrainian homeland, until he was liberated by the fall of the Soviet Union.

In 1992 Ihor Pavlyuk graduated from the Department of Journalism at Lviv University and worked as the correspondent of religious press and radio in Lviv.

Since 2003 he has worked in Kiev.

He has participated in various international literary festivals, including Estonia, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, the United States of America,[4] Poland, Turkey, Ireland, Pakistan,[5] England[6] and international editions about Ukrainians from Volyn region, Ukrainian writers and poets.

Ihor Pavlyuk is author of a few songs[7] and texts for the theatrical performances.

In 2011, in the American publishing house CreateSpace (self-publishing subsidiary of Amazon.com) the book of lyric poetry by Ihor Pavlyuk and Iouri Lazirko «Catching Gossamers» was published in three languages: Ukrainian, English and Russian.[8] One of the translators into Russian is Eugenia Bil’chenko.

Now Ihor Pavlyuk is scientist of Taras Shevchenko Institute of Literature of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Kiev, professor of Ukrainian media Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, a member of the editorial boards of literary, art and scientific magazines «Золота пектораль»,[9] «Дзвін»,[10] «Українська літературна газета»,[11] «Вісник Львівського університету».[12]

Works of Ihor Pavlyuk are have been translated into Russian, Belarusian, Polish, English, French, Latvian, Bulgarian, Japanese and other languages and published in such magazines as «Envoi»,[13] «Acumen»,[14] «The Apple Valley Review»,[15] «Barnwood International Poetry Mag»,[16] «Le zaporogue»,[17] «Muddy River Poetry Review»,[18] «Asymptote»,[19] «Gold Dust»,[20] «The Adirondack Review»,[21] «The Recusant»,[22] «Metamorphoses»,[23] Russian «Литературной газете»,[24] «Поэтограде»,[25] «Литературной России»,[26] polish magazinеs «Radostowa», «Metafora», «Okolica Poetów», «Horyzont» and others.

Ihor Pavlyuk is the protagonist of the film «Between Bug and God».[27]

American actors read poems by Ihor Pavlyuk.[28]

Forthcoming publications: collections of poetry, book of dramas and prose, and the novels Diamonds Growing, The Mesozoic, Bug, Vacuum.

"I know that a nebulous terrain exists in the hearts and minds of every person, a terrain that cannot be adequately characterized in simple terms of right and wrong or good and bad. I see this ambiguity in Ihor Pavlyuk’s works and I am happy in the knowledge that there is a very good poet in Ukraine."

Mo Yan, recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature, 2012[29]

Ihor Pavlyuk is married. His wife Lyudmyla Pavlyuk is Associate Professor at Department of Journalism, Lviv University. Daughters Nadiya and Olesya are students.

Selected publications (books)




Book by Ihor Pavlyuk and Iouri Lazirko «Catching Gossamers»[30]

  • Islands of youth (Острови юності), 1990.
  • Not this of place wind (Нетутешній вітер), 1993.
  • Voice of daily Moon (Голос денного Місяця), 1994.
  • Glass tavern (Скляна корчма), 1995.
  • Allergy to eternity (Babylonia) (Алергія на вічність), 1999.
  • Disaster (Стихія), 2002.
  • Masculine fortunetelling (Чоловіче ворожіння), 2002.
  • The angel (or) English language? (poems by Ihor Pavlyuk in English), 2004.
  • Magma (Магма), 2005.
  • Rebellion (Бунт), 2006.
  • The Tuning Fork (Камертон), 2007.
  • Lyrics (Лірика), 2008.
  • Ukraine at smoke (Україна в диму), 2009.
  • Stratosphere (Стратосфера), 2010.
  • Catching Gossamers (New York) (Ловлячи осінні павутинки, Ловя осенние паутинки), 2011, ISBN 9781461089490
  • Confessions of the last sorcerer (Saint Petersburg) (Исповедь последнего волхва, Сповідь останнього волхва) (poems by Ihor Pavlyuk in Russian), 2012, ISBN 978-5-91419-730-5
  • Masculine fortunetelling (Lublin) (Męskie wróżby (poems by Ihor Pavlyuk in Polish. Translator Tadej Karabovich), 2013, ISBN 978-83-62495-30-6
  • Teamster (Kiev), (Погонич), 2014, Погонщик (poems by modern Russian poet Yevgeny Chigrin in Ukrainian. Translator Ihor Pavlyuk. Forewords by Yevgeny Rein, Ihor Pavlyuk).
  • A Flight over the Black Sea (London, Waterloo Press), (Політ над Чорним морем), 2014 (poems by Ihor Pavlyuk in English. Translated from Ukrainian by Stephen Komarnyckyj, foreword to a book written recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature Mo Yan and Naomi Foyle, Steve Komarnyckyj, Dmytro Drozdovskyi), ISBN 978-1-906742-70-6
  • Game and Battle (Гра і битва), 2014.

The book of poems by Ihor Pavlyuk "Magic Polesie" prepared for publication in France.

"Ihor Pavlyuk is one of Europe’s most versatile poets — quite literally: he recently delivered an entire reading while standing on his head. These poems contain moments delicate as a snowflake: ‘The fragrance of crushed mint at dusk,/ The leaves yearning to fall/Before the snow comes’. The sweet yearning of this poetry will remain with you long after you have turned the final page."

—Steve Komarnyckyj, Yorkshire, Great Britain, 2011[31]



  • Biography of the tree of tribe of poets (Біографія дерева племені поетів), 2003.
  • Forbidden Bloom (Заборонений цвіт), 2007.
  • Out of Range (Поза зоною), 2012.


  • Writer – Power – Press: historical and typological analysis (Митець – Влада – Преса: історико-типологічний аналіз), 1997.
  • Diagnostics and prognosis of lie: digressions in the theory of communication (Діагностика і прогностика брехні: екскурси в теорію комунікації), 2003.
  • There are writers in a press (Письменники у пресі), 2010.

Book for children

  • The Flying Cauldron (Літаючий казан), 2003.

"But through the power of his rhythms and images, Pavlyuk has the capability of adjusting the reality of the ‘Imperial’ Russophone world into something that more resembles an East Slavic world, one that shares its riches with its immediate neighbours. The fact that I might be on hand as a translator of this workmanship of genius into an understandable and accessible English language."

—Thom Moore, Dublin (March 14, 2010)[32]




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